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When it comes to quality disc blades, more people trust Ingersoll than any other brand. Why? Because no blade is tougher, lasts longer, or is backed by as many years of agricultural experience.
And when it comes to West Coast distributors, more people look to Wasco Hardfacing to supply the products they need, when they need them, and at the best possible prices.
Now these two great names are on the same team. Starting August 1, 1997, if you're looking for the world's #1 disk blades simply come to the area's #1 distributor.
With a combination like Ingersoll and Wasco, the true winner is the customer.

For Longest Blade Life
Least Re-Blading
Best Disk Performance

Worn - down disk don't perform, waste fuel.
Re-blading has become a major investment in money and time.
A DURA-FACED® disc blade is the longest-life blade you can buy today. Depending on field conditions, DURA-FACING will usually extend the blade life and time between re-blading 3 times or more.
Longer blade life means your disc is running at peak performance longer; soil action is better; fuel efficiency is higher.
The smooth, long-wearing layer of DURA-FACING works in combination with the base metal to maintain a sharp profile and thin cutting edge throughout the life of the blade.
DURA-FACED edges are downright better. Compared to stick-welded hard surfacing, they remain smooth, scour more easily in heavy soil and resist rust and corrosion.
You can buy DURA-FACED blades as original equipment or for replacement.


DURA-FACING is available on other fast-wearing replacement parts such as cultivator shvoels and sweeps, rotary tiller blades, plow, applicator, and planter points and flail cutter parts.

Shovel Sweeps

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