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Custom Blades
We need the following information to make your blade for you.
A.  Thickness of material  _________________ G.  Centers from hole #3 to #4    ____________________
B.  Width of material  ____________________ H.  Bolt Size   __________________________________
C.  Length of material  ___________________ J.   Distance from bolt holes to top of blade  ___________
D.  Distance to center of hole #1  ___________ K.  Distance from bolt hole to bottom of blade  _________
E.  Centers from hole#1 to #2  _____________ L.  Plow bolts or carriage bolts   ____________________
F.  Centers from hole #2 to #3  _____________ M. Top countersink or bottom countersink   ___________
Depending on the length of the blade there may be several more hole centers like E, F, and G.  Most of the time these hole centers are the same, but you need to check each hole center because in some homemade blades each hole center may differ slightly.  The most important thing is to make sure your measurements are accurate !
Part NumberDescription
SBF38043/8" x 4" x Custom
SBF38053/8" x 5" x Custom
SBF38063/8" x 6" x Custom
SBF12051/2" x 5" x Custom
SBF12061/2" x 6" x Custom
SBF12081/2" x 8" x Custom
SBF34083/4" x 8" x Custom
SBF34103/4" x 10" x Custom
SBF34123/4" x 12" x Custom
SBF34163/4" x 16" x Custom
SBF blades are single bevel flat blades
DBF38043/8" x 4" x Custom
DBF38053/8" x 5" x Custom
DBF38063/8" x 6" x Custom
DBF12051/2" x 5" x Custom
DBF12061/2" x 6" x Custom
DBF12081/2" x 8" x Custom
DBF34083/4" x 8" x Custom
DBF34103/4" x 10" x Custom
DBF34123/4" x 12"x Custom
DBF34163/4" x 16" x Custom
DBF blades are double bevel flat blades
*Other sizes available upon request.

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